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A Guide on the Different Ways in Which You Can Import Cars in Canada Without Any Hassle


Car importing in Canada is a lot of hard work that begins from the minute you purchase the item(s) from the exporter. It follows until the automobile(s) gets past at Customs in Canada. This entire process is so complicated that anyone can easily be overwhelmed, anyone but experienced import brokers at firms like Clearit Canada

This is one of the most experienced customs clearance companies in Canada that has successfully handled many such imports for various clients. Ergo, it hasn’t ever mattered to them whether the cargo has arrived by air, sea, or road. As long as you’re their client, they make sure that they do all the work and you can relax while your package(s) arrive and get smoothly cleared at customs without any hiccup.

Now, a couple of services that they offer on car imports are as follows. Have a look.

  1. ITN Generation

Every imported car needs to have an ITN (internal transaction number) that declares the proof of ownership. Remember, a commercial invoice will not be sufficient. And the trickiest part is that this number is to be generated before your package leaves the country it is being exported from. That said, it’s not just tough and troublesome to get the ITN, it is also very expensive. 

But, this particular Clearit car importing service can be purchased at just 125 dollars without having to run around. 

  1. Documentation Filing

You need to file a lot of documents at the customs when importing automobiles. Besides, it’s important to submit them in time. Which is why Clearit uses the electronic way for document submission. It eliminates the chances of document misplacement completely. 

Some additional services that are a part of all the services that can handle the entire process of car import from the beginning until the cargo gets past customs are as follows.

  • AES/ITN Number
  • Submission to Automotive Export Control (72 hour notice)
  • Agent on site at time of crossing
  • Preparation of Customs release
  • Remittance of Duties & Taxes to Canada Customs
  • Coordination of border crossing
  • Complete Customs Accounting Documentation

Now, whether you buy just the ITN service at 125 dollars or the entire list of services at just 389.99 dollars is entirely up-to you.

All in all, hiring good customs brokers is the only way to make sure that your cargo is cleared at customs in time. You can have a look at all such services in details on the Clearit Canada website.


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