Common dog behaviours and what they mean


Dogs are amazing pets – many with a high intelligence quotient. They can convey their feelings to their humans pretty easily. You can tell a lot about your pup’s mood from his behaviour, for example a changed mental state or an underlying condition it is suffering from. If you learn and read about dog behaviour and observe your pup, you will be able to understand when it needs your help.

Five interesting dog behaviours you need to know!

There are numerous behavioural signs a dog exhibits; below mentioned are the ones that every dog parent should know.

  • Dogs have a habit of digging the ground, and there are many reasons behind it. Dogs in the wild dig the ground to hide something important to them, make some space for themselves to lie down comfortably, track other animals, or escape. That is why you might have noticed your pup scratching beds, blankets and pillows as it is trying to make a comfortable place for lying down.
  • Your dogs will give you signs if they need attention. Pressing their head against you is the expected behaviour of dogs to let their owners know that they are in immediate need of attention. If your pet presses their head against the wall or some other object way too often, then it can indicate a serious medical condition. In this case you should take your pet immediately for check up to the vet.
  • You need to keep a check on your dog’s breath. If there is a slight shift in the smell of its breath this could be a sign to take your pet to the vet. Bad breath is generally related to a dog’s oral health issues and should be taken care of it as soon as you notice.
  • Small pups can nip and bite your fingers as they communicate using their mouth with their pet parents. When they are around seven months old, their baby teeth fall out and are replaced by 42 adult teeth. The entire teething process can be painful for them, so it is good to buy them some chew toys; otherwise, you may find your pup chewing things around your house.
  • Circling while chasing their tails for some time is fun for dogs, but if your dog cannot stop running behind their tail, it indicates that there can be an underlying health issue. One of the significant causes of circling can be an ear infection. If you see this kind of behaviour, take your pup for a medical check-up.

Dogs are intelligent animals. They are loving, caring and supportive towards their pet parents. So as a responsible dog owner, it is crucial to observe, understand and learn what their behaviour means. Your veterinarian will always help you understand your dog’s behaviour to the best of her or his ability. So if you notice any behaviour that is out of the normal, feel free to contact your vet and discuss the situation.

Another great way of taking care of your four-legged buddy is to sign up for dog insurance, which should take care of much of the cost for treating a serious health issue. You can easily get a pet insurance quote on the internet.

Now that you know some of the usual dog behaviours and what they mean, it will be easier for you to keep an eye on your buddy, and make lots of happy memories together!

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