GlobalTrading26 Review – Reasons to Believe Its Legitimacy


It is quite unfortunate that safety and security have become serious concerns for people who want to start their trading concerns. Of course, the way for them to step in the online trading industry is to sign up with an online trading platform. However, that’s where their first challenges start to come up. Sometimes, the online world can be deceptive in terms of making legitimate platforms are illegitimate and vice versa. Today, I will shed some light on a broker that I think needs to be put into positive light as soon as possible. If you research trading platform on the internet, you might have heard about GlobalTrading26 scam

Looking at this company and its website, I was instantly under the impression that it was one of the best out there. Why would someone even believe that it was not a legitimate trading platform? Today, I will tell you a few important reasons that make me firmly believe that GlobalTrading26 is a legitimate online trading platform for traders of all types. 

Licensing Information on the Website 

The first method for you to recognize that the broker you are about to sign up with is not legitimate is to see the licensing information. No scammer will ever have any licensing information with them. On the other hand, you will see and experience something completely opposite when you look at the website of GlobalTrading26. This company is properly licensed to provide its services to traders from around the world. The proof is in the licensing information that you can find right on the website. That was the first time for me. I had never seen a company offering its licensing information on the website. 

However, in a world where security and legitimacy have become serious concerns, you can’t really ignore the fact that a company really cares about its traders to put its licensing information right on the website. What makes it even better is that the licensing information is actually the scanned copy of the actual license that the company has obtained. 

Adherence to KYC and AML 

If a platform is not there for legitimate business, it will provide its platform to people who are looking for illegal activities. The company will only be concerned about making money, not the security of its traders. For an online trading platform, it is every easy to make money through illegal means, one of which is to allow money launderers to use its platform for money laundering purposes. You have many online platforms that are involved in this illegal activity. That’s not the case with GlobalTrading26 though. This company has made sure to adhere to AML policies to prevent any money launderers from signing up with it in the first place. 

If someone is thinking about using the platform for some other illegal activity, they will not be able to do that either. Why? Because the company adheres to the KYC policy as well, which stands for Know Your Customer. You can’t really sign up with the company unless you provide some personal information and proof. 

Encryption and Segregation  

These are two completely different things but only the best online platforms take care of these factors. So, what is encryption all about? It is all about your information getting encrypted to protect it from any third parties who are trying to get access to it illegally on the internet lines. On the other hand, segregation is all about keeping your money separate from the funds that belong to the broker. Also, your online trading services provider should maintain your money in tier-1 banks with proper regulation in place. You will get all of that and some more security when you sign up with GlobalTrading26. 

Final Thoughts 

Is security the first concern that you care about when you sign up with an online broker? If that’s the case, I think you should feel very confident signing up with GlobalTrading26 because it provides you with security in every form and is a legitimate trading platform. 


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