How to Find a Job in Banking and Financial Services Industry in Africa


The banking and financial services industry in Africa is booming.

The banking and financial services industry in Africa has evolved with the changing trends of the global economy. It is now a full-fledged investment sector that ranges from retail to corporate banking, wealth management, life insurance, mortgages, unsecured loans etc.

With its growth, many investors have been getting into the business and investing heavily in this sector of the economy by acquiring existing banks or setting up new ones. This has led to an increased demand for skilled finance professionals who are professionally trained and well versed with global practices within this industry.

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A Basic Introduction to the Banking and Financial Services Career Path

Banking and Financial Services have always been a booming career path. In the future, we can expect that this will stay true as AI is increasingly becoming a major factor in the banking sector.

It is expected that by 2020, AI will be considered an important factor in the financial services industry. This is because of the fact that it will be used to help people make investments faster and more efficiently.

In the future, banking and financial services jobs may not exist at all if these AIs are able to replace humans altogether. This could cause a lot of problems with how we manage our money, but it would also make things easier for people who are already struggling to get access to funds because of their lack of income or credit score.

  1. What are the top 3 skills you need as a banker?

This section is about the top three skills that a banker needs in order to be successful. These skills are both tangible and intangible:

  1. Communication skills: This includes how well the banker can communicate with clients, colleagues and superiors through different means such as phone calls, emails, instant messenger etc.
  2. Critical thinking skills: The ability to think critically about a situation or problem and come up with solutions that are best for the company or client
  3. Analytical skills: The ability to analyse any given situation and come up with probable outcomes for it based on available data
  1. What is the Best Way to Get Accepted into a Bank Internship Program?

A bank internship program is a fantastic way to get hands-on experience in the industry. The best way to get accepted into one is to have excellent grades, work experience, and internships. You should also have an MBA from a top tier school.

Our recommendation for someone who wants to break into the banking industry with an internship is to obtain at least two years of work experience in the field before applying for an internship position. This will give you a better chance at getting a job after your internship ends.

  1. How Do I Land A Job After My Bank Internship Ends?

The job market is competitive, with many qualified candidates vying for the same role. And while you may not be qualified for a position at your bank’s main competitor, you are more likely to land a position at another bank if you have experience in this specific industry.

If you want to get a new banking job after your internship ends, remember that networking is key. You are likely to find potential opportunities through friends of friends or by reaching out to people on LinkedIn. But be careful not to wear out your welcome or come off as needy.

  1. What Is The Average Salary for Investment Bankers in Africa?

Investment bankers in Africa are a highly sought after group of people because of their versatility and knowledge. They are capable of working in various financial sectors like banking, investment, and insurance. The best investment bankers in Africa have the responsibility to guarantee a company’s success by attracting investors and providing high-end advice on investments.

Investment bankers usually work for larger companies, but they can also strike out on their own to start their own firm and provide specialized advice to clients.


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