The Need For Electronic Fail-Safe Valve Actuators


A valve actuator is responsible for opening and closing the valve. It is a mechanism that is connected to the valve stem. The fail-safe safe actuator means a mechanism that drives the stored energy into a ” safe” position that is predetermined. Through this article, you can learn how Electronic Fail Safe Valve Actuators work and some other important things about them.

How Do They Work?

Every actuator will need to have a constant supply of power to operate properly. There should not be any kind of power cut. It can damage your device by leaving the actuator stuck in an opening position. one can avoid this issue if you use a fail-safe actuator. Whenever a power cut is found, these fail-safe actuators will drive the stored energy into that safe position, which means you never have to worry about any power cut. You can set these actuators in two different ways. The first option is to set that in fail open, and the other option is to set that in fail closed.

While using a fail open, the valve reverts automatically to the opening position when the power is cut. In the second option, the valve is reverted to the closed position. The closed position is also known as ESV ( emergency shut-off valve). You can use them as you need. They will save your valve from the damages that occur because of a power loss.

Types Of Fail-Safe Actuator

These Electronic Fail-Safe Valve Actuators are available in two types, which are as follows,

  • Spring Return Actuator utilizes a spring to store mechanical energy and then moves the valve towards operating position. These actuators can be the best option for dealing with emergencies of shutting down in industries.
  • Battery backup, as the name suggests, it uses a battery to operate. It uses a sealed battery to move the machine into the fail position. It can be used for both fail closed and fail open positions. These are also cost-effective when compared to the spring actuator. They are really useful.

A battery backup actuator is more useful compared to a spring.

Sum up

Before buying an actuator, you must keep your needs in mind and some other things that are important enough to be considered. These are important as they protect electronic appliances from any kind of damages that occurs because of a sudden power outage to the appliance.

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