What Do You Need to Know When Importing Car to Canada?


Patience is the key to successful car transport to Canada. People do not often go for car importing to Canada unless you fall under two of the most obvious categories. The first being the car enthusiast who cannot seem to miss an opportunity to import a gem to Canada and secondly when you are in dire need of your vehicle when you are shifting to Canada. In either of the cases, you must be completely equipped with the right knowledge to conduct the procedure effortlessly. Here we have listed down a few points:

Country of Export

The Canadians have the benefit of living close to the USA border and any imports happening will by default be from the USA. The states of Canada have varied requirements and it is very wise to consult the appropriate DMV website and get to know the necessary details. The following details need to remain handy with you:

  • State-specific forms
  • Titles and registration
  • Properly formatted bills of sale with every necessary detail in them
  • Transport Canada Authorised Release Certificate

The release package must be received by the US Customs within 72 hours in advance of the transit taking place. Show up with all the necessary papers in hand. If anything is left missing, you still have time to complete them.

Canadian Requirements

The previous step ensures that your car will be eligible for transportation. Many cars of European or Asian origin do not meet the standards for import and you must know them well beforehand. Every document must now be collated to satisfy the CSBA or the Canadian Border Services Agency, Transport Canada as well as RIV or the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. There might be an inspection from the CFIA or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and local license bureaus.


The transportation is just hardly a matter of a few hours because nothing suffices the happiness of a good road trip where your new car awaits you. If you are across the northern USA regions, reaching Canada will not be any notable issue. You need to carry your temporary transit license stickers and proof that you hold insurance. Things will be easier with your documentation in place.

Clearit car importing is highly specialised in transportation of cars to Canada. Every cost and hassles are borne by the professionals to ensure a smooth transit without having much to be put to stake.

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